Other Publications

List of articles and academic papers published on other platforms.

Opportunities in India for Chinese companies based on historical trade data

Written: Ronak Pol
Published: Jan-Feb issue 2016
ISSN 2278-8808 

This is an Academic Journal publication in the “Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies”
The article was developed during my research internship with Euro Asia Consulting in Summer 2015.

Behavioural Science: From Policy to Public

Written: Ronak Pol
Published: October 6th,2016

Published in “The Indian Economist” this article talks about making use of behavioural science in understanding the human behaviour, planning policies around it and implementing them to serve people.

Finding a New Way to Tackle Water Pollution

Written: Ronak Pol
Published: September 17th,2016

Published in “The Indian Economist” one of Indias largest online policy magazines this article talks about how in a bid to cut down costs and make the festival extravagant at the same time, Ganesh Chaturthi has lost its objective of celebrating the spirit of nature.

The GST Conundrum

Written: Ronak Pol
Published: August 19,2016

Published in “The Indian Economist” this article unlike the general frenzied coverage of GST’s impact on Indian consumers,explores its effect on the government budget.

The Great Grand Failure of the Olympics

Written: Ronak Pol
Published: July 27,2016

Published in “The Indian Economist” this article brings to limelight the problems that might be faced by Rio de Janeiro, as it gears up to host the Olympics and explores what lies ahead for the country once the torch goes out.