Indias new Surrogacy Bill.

Published: August 28th 2016 Written By : Ronak Pol Surrogacy (Regulation) bill was passed by the Union Cabinet(23rd August) to be introduced in the next session of parliament and though it does not stand to affect most of us directly it will surely take its toal on the $400 million industry. To debate whether or not surrogacy … Continue reading Indias new Surrogacy Bill.


Who is our new Governor ?

Written by- Ronak Pol Published on 20th August 2016 Dr.Patel who is currently the Deputy governor of RBI was chosen today to fill Dr.Rajan's shoes. This has placed him in a unique position to take charge of our Central Bank in midst of great global turmoil and domestic uncertainty (Read More). In this article we … Continue reading Who is our new Governor ?

Dr. Rajans Last Policy

This article explains the monetary policy and how the popular demand for rate cuts might not be what our country actually needs

The TRUMP Vote

Many people do not understand why Americans vote for Donald Trump. With him winning the Republican nomination this question has become more crucial than ever. This article aims to explain reasons why Trump gets all the votes that he does, and goes beyond the mainstream response that all Trump supporters are racist

The Olympics

With the Olympics set to be commenced on the 5th of August and opening ceremony tickets sold out, but the stadium stands incomplete. Read about the current state of Brazils olympic preperation and what lies ahead once the torch goes out

The Refugee Olympic Team

Written By - Ronak Pol Published on 17th July 2016 Now that we have explored the Economics of Immigration and response of countries like Canada to the problem, we can go ahead and appreciate the response of the International Sports community who have come together to nurture talent, while shedding light on Refugee crisis. The … Continue reading The Refugee Olympic Team

Currency Ban : The silver bullet for Corruption and Black Money?

Published: November 8th, 2016 Written By : Ronak Pol Every so often a political decision is taken that breaks the barriers of vote bank politics and pushes the country on a fresh new trajectory. The ban on 1000 rupee notes and the replacement of 500 rupee notes might arguably be one such decision. In his … Continue reading Currency Ban : The silver bullet for Corruption and Black Money?