Indias new Surrogacy Bill.

Published: August 28th 2016 Written By : Ronak Pol Surrogacy (Regulation) bill was passed by the Union Cabinet(23rd August)¬†to be introduced in the next session of parliament and though it does not stand to affect most of us directly it will surely take its toal on the $400 million industry. To debate whether or not¬†surrogacy … Continue reading Indias new Surrogacy Bill.


Who is our new Governor ?

Written by- Ronak Pol Published on 20th August 2016 Dr.Patel who is currently the Deputy governor of RBI was chosen today to fill Dr.Rajan's shoes. This has placed him in a unique position to take charge of our Central Bank in midst of great global turmoil and domestic uncertainty (Read More). In this article we … Continue reading Who is our new Governor ?